Recognising Achievements

At Abacus Ark, it is important for us to recognise the achievements of everyone, celebrating the milestones of our children and the accomplishments of our Teaching team. 2017 saw a year of amazing growth and achievements for everyone at Abacus Ark. Our annual Abacus Ark Awards Party offers a chance for us

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Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas is just around the corner and the question ‘What can I buy?’ is hovering on everyone’s lips! Buying for children in the early years can be confusing as there are so many toys and activities that are appropriate for their different stages of development. I’ve put together some tips

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Safeguarding at Abacus Ark

Putting your trust in a stranger to take care of your precious child is not an easy task for any parent. However, many parents have no choice but to entrust childcare professionals to look after their child and hope they have made the right decision. When looking for a childcare

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Fussy Eaters

Teaching children about healthy eating at an early age is crucial in laying the foundations for choices that they may make in later life.  A healthy diet is essential to promote good wellbeing and will have a positive effect a child’s behaviour, moods and concentration and ability to learn. Here

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National Storytelling Week

Once upon time… We have been telling stories for centuries and the activity of sharing a narrative or story has been a social event, whether, for entertainment, educational or cultural purposes- and we all love to hear a good story! The earliest form of storytelling began as a combination of

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International Families Day

The definition of Family ‘Unit of people related by blood or marriage’ or ‘Descendants of a common ancestor’. The meaning of ‘Family’, in the purest sense of the word is the biological or legal ties that bind a group of people together. It’s our heritage, lineage and history. But in

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Understanding how to Manage Children’s Behaviour

The nature and nurture debate is ongoing and there are many different schools of thought on this subject. For me, I believe it is a combination of both that informs the behaviour of our children. Children will respond to their environmental influences and this, in turn, impacts on their behaviour.

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Managing children’s behaviours

Last month many of our staff had Behaviour Management training from Jenny Prior, a Speech abd Language Therapist from Wandsworth Early Years Advisory and Inclusion Team. There were some really useful tips that I thought could be passed on to our families at Abacus Ark and I have tried to

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How Old Is Your Child?


6 - 15 months


15 - 24 months


24 - 36 months


3 - 5 years