Recognising Achievements

At Abacus Ark, it is important for us to recognise the achievements of everyone, celebrating the milestones of our children and the accomplishments of our Teaching team. 2017 saw a year of amazing growth and achievements for everyone at Abacus Ark.

Our annual Abacus Ark Awards Party offers a chance for us to celebrate this growth with those who help us make Abacus Ark possible; recognising and acknowledging everyone’s efforts and contribution to the Abacus Ark Experience.

Award winners are selected by our teaching team; each individual votes for someone in their nursery that represents our values, our PACT; Partnership, Awareness, Creativity, Thrive.  To find out more about our values, check out our values page.

Over the coming months, we want to introduce you to some of our winners and share with you their contribution to Abacus Ark. Keep an eye on our social media pages for updates about their journey onboard the Abacus Ark!

Award Categories 

Award for Partnership- Community Officer
They contribute wholeheartedly and are a valued member of their team. They always go the extra mile and never hesitate to support and assist others showing respect to everyone in the Abacus Ark family.

Award for Awareness- Capital Achiever
Always receptive to the feelings and suggestions of others. Exceptionally conscientious and meticulous when carrying out tasks. Possess a vault of knowledge and experience and always implements best practice.

Award for Creativity- Master of Artistry
Someone who is curious and is constantly looking to find solutions for any problems that arise. Welcomes new opportunities with a positive and optimistic attitude. Is enthusiastic and passionate in the face of adversity.

Award for Thrive- Rising Star
Confident in themselves and their abilities. Grasps every opportunity to improve and develop themselves alongside those around them.

Outstanding Contribution
Personifies all four of our values. They are forever empowering and inspiring everyone around them and always exceeds expectations!

Outstanding Support – Central Support Star
Personifies all four of our values, and goes out of their way to offer support to every individual.  They help advise, assist, inspire and mentor, exceeding expectations!

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