Christmas Shopping Tips

Christmas is just around the corner and the question ‘What can I buy?’ is hovering on everyone’s lips!

Buying for children in the early years can be confusing as there are so many toys and activities that are appropriate for their different stages of development.

I’ve put together some tips to help you choose the perfect gift.


  • Ask your teachers
    Please feel free to ask your child’s teacher if your child has an interest in a specific type of toy; they are always happy to help!
  • Observations
    While out and about, observe what your children like to play with and which toys keep them engaged or what catches their attention.
  • Don’t forget about traditional toys
    Kids may love the latest gadgets with fancy features and flashing lights, but you can never beat a traditional toy. Traditional toys like board games help develop children’s communication skills and develop their awareness of sharing. While other traditional toys like dolls, Lego, teddy bears and action men, encourage children to use their imagination while playing and become creative, developing their own stories through role play.
  • Pick social gifts
    Children can learn a lot through social interaction with their friends and family. Why not choose a gift that children can’t use on their own? It will help them to improve their social skills and for younger children, their language skills.
  • Check the volume control
    Make sure you check the volume of a toy before buying it. Before you know it, the flashing lights and quirky songs or noises can become very irritating.
  • The biggest gift that you can give children is your time
    Buy a simple craft pack or model you could make together, providing a great opportunity to spend some time with your child, based around common interests.

But don’t forget …. they might still prefer the box, whatever you put inside it!

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