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Venni Genetiano
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Our son has been in Abacus Ark for more than 2 years now and we couldn't be more happy and thankful that we made the decision to choose Abacus Ark as his nursery. Over the last 2 years, he developed a very remarkable bond with the teachers, staff and his peers. Every time I pick him up from the nursery, he would be so excited to tell me all the wonderful things he did that day with his friends and what he learned from his teachers. He is always excited to come back the next day! We have seen his confidence and character develop over time, with the help of the lovely team from Abacus Ark. He always looks forward to Show and Tell. Abacus Ark has given the children and the parents a sense of community, with the family brunches, inviting us to their celebration theme parties. we're always updated with my son's development, learning and activities with the daily journal. Looking forward to making more memories with Abacus Ark until our son is ready for the big kid school!
Anna Panitkova
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We were very fortunate to get into this garden! We were looking for a nursery during the lockdown period and most nurseries did not let go inside, and how can you choose a nursery? When I met and made a virtual tour of the nursery Abacus Ark(Maida Vale), my heart suggested me that it was the one. After communicating with all the nurseries around, I can say with accuracy, in this nursery your child will be in good hands! There is very clean, teachers are just wonderful: caring, kind, creative and positive! Despite the fact that they do not have its own territory outside, they are constantly walking out! Also daily creative classes: drawing, modeling, dancing, music! The Settling period passed quickly and painless for the child and for mom! The child loves this nursery, our key teacher Miss Keisha is just a amazing! She is very professional, kind and full of love and it is felt by both mom and child.
I will add that they have their own app where you can see every day what ate a child, if the diaper has been changed when, what they did in the day, and most importantly see photos !!!
I recommend from all my heart, the best nursery in the district!!!
Robert Fernando
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My wife and I share the opinion that this is a fantastic nursery run by intelligent, thoughtful and extremely caring owners. The nursery understands its responsibility of looking after and protecting your child while nourishing the little’uns with plenty of activities which open their minds and make them smile. This attitude and attention to detail of the owners feeds through to the teachers who are well qualified and thoroughly attentive and caring to the children. Furthermore the food they provide is nutritious and always devoured by our kid. Way more often than the weekends!
Most importantly is how happy our child is when he arrives and (even sad!) when he leaves the nursery. He’s always in good spirits.
I was particularly impressed too with the managment of the Covid situation where information updates were swift and informative and the ability to adapt the nursery logistics to the situation and continue to look after the children we found impressive. Strongly recommend.
S Helm
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this nursery is absolutely amazing, we joined Abacus Ark after we had a bad experience with a chain nursery, we fell in love with the environment and the care for the children at Abacus Ark. The reason we knew it was a great nursery is because the children were always so happy and cant buy that!
We have always had 1st class service from Anthony and Teresa, thank you for making us and out little girl happy
Silvia Oliveras
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It’s a great environment for any baby/toddler to start their education path. My baby is always happy and smiling when she attends. Staff are very professional, caring and meticulous. I am very happy with the attention my baby is given.
Heather Pendlebury
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Abacus Ark nursery has an innovative way of teaching children basic skills for the life ahead of them and provides great nursery level education. Everything from basic language skills to learning about the food they eat is delivered in a professional manner. I cannot thank the staff enough for their constant hard work and dedication to the children in their care.
Ro-Ro Wong
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We love Abacus Ark!! For parents.. the staff are amazingly organised, helpful and friendly. Luckily our son feels the same way and can't wait to go! He's progressed so much in just a few months! Can't recommend enough!
Charlotte F
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My daughter has been here since is was 1 years old and i can honestly say it's such a lovely nursery. All teachers care for her so well and she enjoys going. I love that they try and do as much as possible with them - smoothie making, rugby tots, drama etc and i do believe it's helped her with her confidence, social skills and her speech. Potty training was so smooth between nursery and home she nailed it in 4 days! She loves her teachers. I guess the only down side it's on a busy road and the garden is a little small but living in London it can't be helped.
Bee Lay
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Abacus Ark is truly an outstanding nursery. My son has been attending the nursery for more than 2,5 years since he turned 1 year old. All the staff who has looked after him are so caring and professional. The care and love the children gets from the staff is just incredible. The children learn so much and there are activities like singing, dancing, yoga, rugby etc going on. Such a lovely atmosphere at the nursery. Anthony and his staff really go the extra mile. We are really extremely to have Abacus Ark within walking distance from our house and Clapham Junction station. The parents get updates and pictures via an app and the teacher give the parents a good summary of the day as well. I have recommended Abacus Ark to my friends and they all have very positive feedback as well.
Jai Tabakovic
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My daughter has and continues to blossom since attending nursery last year August. We love this nursery, it’s local to us, friendly, reliable and they have staff that really care.
Caroline G
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Our 2 year old son started at Abacus Ark in the summer, and we couldn't be happier with the nursery. He absolutely loves it there, he excitedly tells us about his best friends Miss Sophie and Miss Abbie, and his social and speech development has come on leaps and bounds. Every single member of staff we've met has been so kind and caring, right up to the management and owners - the dream team of Moira and Anthony.
Marie V
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Our daughter stayed here 4 years, has grown as a person and learned pre-school essentials very well with caring staff. I recommand this nusery.
London D
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Our baby has been going to this nursery for the last 4 months (the second nursery he has been in since returning to work) and I cant recommend it highly enough. All of the staff are wonderful and so kind and warm. There are lots of activities for the kiddies during the day, great food, lovely rooms, it is so well run but above all you have the feeling that the staff really care. Our little boy loves it.
Reece Harrod
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Our daughter loved Abacus Ark! The staff and other families are what really makes this nursery special. She’s grown into a confident little girl and learnt so much. Thank you!
Moira Ioannou
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Can’t praise the staff more highly. They Build such amazing bonds with every child. If you’re looking for a nursery, it’s worth taking a look at Abacus Ark.
Laoura Phasouliotis
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I want to praise the staff at Abacus Ark Wandsworth. Their commitment and warmth every day to the children and parents is outstanding. I especially praise their communication and awareness of parental needs. Thank you to every one.
Ivana Sanna
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It Is a lovely and very friendly nursery. staff is very loving and caring ... Kids are always very happy and stimulated by many activities. I teach yoga there once a week and I really enjoy working with them ...
Virginia Lemos
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I’m really happy with this nursery. They have a lot of activities for the children, all the people who work here is amazing. I love the way they communicate with us very clear and respectful. My son is so happy and he is learning so fast. Thank you for everything team! well done!
Leoni Daniel
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After visiting Abacus Ark Wandsworth(Riverside) we knew we wanted to send our son here, its amazing, we absolutely love it here. My son is nearly 4 years old and the progress he has made here is incredible. The staff are warm and friendly and make a great effort to get to know the family as well as the children. Every day my son is excited to arrive at nursery to see his friends and teachers and tells us all the activities and fun he has had throughout the day. Even during Covid Abacus Ark were exceptional, keeping constant contact with parents, all children could attend various online classes from music to Yoga which was provided at no extra cost.
My son starts school in September and the staff have been excellent at preparing the children for this big change.
As such I would highly recommend this nursery for all the reasons above and more.
Thank you Abacus Ark
Joseph Brassington
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Our son loves nursery. The staff are kind and attentive and he has so much fun with the wide range of activities he does on a daily basis
Billie-Jean Cini
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I am so pleased with Olivia’s progress at the nursery. We have such a peace of mind knowing she is so happy whilst in the hands of Anthony, Moira and all their lovely team. We couldn’t ask for a better nursery and so pleased we found Abacus Ark
Timea Bagossy
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Fantastic nursery for our one year old daughter, with lovely staff and facilities.

Recently, they have handled the lockdown very well, have been very responsive, keeping us up to date, listening the parents’ concerns, etc.

Excellent service overall, thank you!
Alexandra Ifrim
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The best nursery I worked for. Professional, educative, a safty, lovely, joyful and peaceful place to work and to keep your child. Nice staff, caring for children, always bringing a smile on their face, always wanted to achieve more for your child and making sure it is a clear place. Worth for it. #the best
Miruska B
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My daughter has been going there from age of 1. When deciding, we have seen more than 5 different nurseries in the area before making the decision and oh I am so glad we went with Abacus Ark. We love everything about Abacus Ark. All of the staff are loving and passionate about what they do. My daughter loves going there, she has moved through a few different rooms and teachers by now, but they all are equally as good. The setting itself is really great and nurturing environment. I love the Holistic approach they follow and lots of various activities they do including drama and football and kids yoga for older children. My daughter gets all the attention and individual approach she needs and is very happy there so that makes us a very happy parents.
Nadine Mason
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The staff at Abacus Ark have created a welcoming, safe and supportive environment for our daughter who attends the nursery full time. She has developed a long lasting relationship with the teachers and staff members. They have nurtured her throughout her years at the nursery and I cannot thank the teachers for their expertise in helping to shape and encourage her interests. As a teacher, I am impressed by the curriculum provided and the numerous opportunities and activities my daughter experiences every day. After a long day at work it always brings a smile to my face as she comes running to tell me what she has done with her teachers and friends at nursery. She constantly plays games, sings songs and shares her experiences and learning journey with us at home. It is comforting to see her developing, learning and refining skills everyday. Thank you again for making it a little easier going to work each day knowing my daughter is in good hands!