Potty Training

Potty training is a subject that prompts so many questions by parents who are eager to have their children out of nappies.  Unfortunately, there are not any set rules about this process as children vary so much but, one thing is for sure, until your child recognises the sensation of

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Christmas is coming!

The Christmas period is usually a time for families and friends to come together to spend some much needed, or maybe not so much, quality time with each other! It is an opportunity to reflect upon the previous months and begin looking at exciting possibilities for the coming year. Each

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Global Hand Washing Day

Washing hands is an essential part of a child’s day and it is important to create an environment where children understand the significance of personal hygiene.  Making hand washing fun and part of the daily routine is the perfect way to encourage good hand washing habits! The practitioners in each

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It’s Pancake Day

Pancake Day is that time of year where we have lots of fun in the kitchen throwing food around. We know we shouldn’t play with our food- but we think today is an exception! Pancake Day originates from the Christian tradition of Shrove Tuesday, the day before Christians commence the

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How Old Is Your Child?


6 - 15 months


15 - 24 months


24 - 36 months


3 - 5 years