Safeguarding at Abacus Ark

Putting your trust in a stranger to take care of your precious child is not an easy task for any parent. However, many parents have no choice but to entrust childcare professionals to look after their child and hope they have made the right decision. When looking for a childcare provider, a parents main priority is to ensure that their child will be safe.

At Abacus Ark we create a ‘culture of safety’ putting our child at the centre of all we do. Ensuring that their safety is paramount and they are not exposed to any danger or harm.

Safeguarding affects all areas of children’s welfare and can impact their progression. Children need to feel safe in their surroundings for them to relax and be willing to learn.

Our children have the freedom to explore a secure environment that captures their attention and enthusiasm whilst keeping them safe at all times. Children need the ability to explore various surroundings to support their development and growth. They thrive in settings that encourage investigation to inspire their curiosity. Providing an environment that allows children to feel comfortable offers parents the peace of mind knowing that their child is happy.

Safeguarding and the protection of children are so important to us at Abacus Ark that we have a designated Quality Assurance Senior Manager who oversees all aspects of the day to day running’s of the nursery to ensure that we are not only compliant with Ofsted but we go above and beyond to protect each child without restricting or limiting their development. With 10 years’ experience in childcare and education, we know that all our children are in safe hands.

Here are a few of the systems we have in place to protect our children:

  • A biometric fingerprint system for building entry
  • All visitors are greeted at the door and shown to the exit
  • Everyone must sign in and out to ensure we can account for everyone in the building
  • Children are always supervised by one of our teachers
  • All staff are trained in safeguarding policies

Not only do we have a Quality Assurance Senior Manager and Safeguarding policies but we also promote health and wellbeing within our curriculum to enhance the children’s personal, social and emotional development to help them become resilient.

Some of the activities we do include:

  • Visits from local professional services such as the Police
  • Educational trips to the local dentist
  • Practise fire drills
  • Group activities that promote health and wellbeing
  • Road safety discussions during outings

Putting children at the heart of what we do is our mission, however, we want to ensure that we provide you with the reassurance that your child is in safe hands and we will look after your child as you would yourself.

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