Rugby Tots @ Abacus Ark

Introducing Rugby Tots in our Wandsworth sites

Beginning the week of 26th April 2021, Abacus Ark is very excited to announce the launch of Rugby Tots for our Older toddlers and Preschoolers.

Why Rugby Tots?

Rugby Tots has been selected as the weekly activity that focuses on physical development due to its combination of structured learning and fun. It provides the perfect opportunity to help the children develop full body gross motor skills whilst at the same time teaching discipline and focus. The areas of focus that attracted us to Rugby Tots over other sports is:
In addition, they use fun games to supplement areas of learning such as counting, shapes and colours.

How does it work?

How will it operate at Abacus Ark?

We will run weekly sessions in the local parks. Each class will have a 30 minute session which will be led by a trained Rugby Tots coach and supported by the children’s teachers. The classes will run back to back, meaning that there will be a continues class happening.