Creativity at Abacus Ark Nursery Schools

Creative teachers and dynamic teaching are key components in nurturing creativity in young children. Giving children the freedom to experiment, explore and express themselves creatively helps build a huge range of skills in young children. Just a few of these skills are building a child’s self confidence, social skills, developing their senses through discovery and exploration. Creative play also provides fantastic opportunities for speech and language development alongside aiding concentration and problem solving skills.

Creativity is so significant because it engages the mind and enables alternative ways of thinking. It brings people together and can nurture skills in teamwork and cooperation. It also encourages independence. It not only opens the mind, but keeps the mind active at the same time. Creativity is so much more than just a project, It is a process.

What creativity is to me, is being able to use the power of the mind to create something new. It could be as simple as new idea, a game or song. At Abacus Ark we ensure we plan and provide a wide range of creative and imaginative activities for our children on a daily basis. This ranges from offering extensive art, role play and cooking activities to extra curricular dance, music and drama lessons.

We encourage our children to ask questions and be inquisitive, to use their imagination and think ‘outside the box’. All of these things encourage creative ways of thinking. With your imagination, possibilities are endless! For children, a cardboard box can become a house. A plastic bottle can become a rocket. A saucepan and a spoon can become a musical instrument! Creative activities play an essential role in children’s neurological development and with parents and staff working in partnership, this will instil these imaginative and innovative qualities in our children.

– Miss Kaysha –

Abacus Ark Ambassador

Abacus Ark Nursery School | Maida Vale NW6