Comic Relief @ Abacus Ark Clapham Junction

For those who are not familiar, Comic Relief is a UK charity which strives to create a positive change in the world through the power of entertainment. The charity raises money to support poverty and social injustices; the money raised is spent to help disadvantaged people in the UK, as well in the world’s poorest communities.

Friday 19th March - Red Nose Day

For Comic Relief 2021, Abacus Ark Clapham Junction is getting involved and we are fundraising as part of Red Nose Day to raise awareness of the issues that we care about and to raise money which will help those in need. The children in our setting hold so much potential and have the power to change the world, it’s our duty to educate children that there are others who are less fortunate than themselves, which will help them to understand their place in this world. Comic Relief gives us an amazing opportunity to begin conversations with the children – to talk about helping others, our values and our respect and to learn from a cultural perspective how different everyone is locally, nationally and globally. Through fundraising and talking about the work of charities, children can learn about the consequences of their actions in a positive way, as teachers can explain how our fun activities and learning can benefit others and that the children can work together to achieve the shared, end goal.

For the whole week, the children will be enjoying arts and crafts and baking – all activities will be based around Red Nose Day and a Superhero theme, as we are all super and strong.For Early Years, CBeebies characters are celebrating with a special Red Nose Day carnival too! Music and movement is an expressive and great way for children to communicate their ideas and is of course, loved by all children. By dancing and moving to music, children are able to be imaginative and can learn to develop their balance, coordination and fine/gross motor skills.

On Friday 19th March, we will all be wearing something red – it could be anything from clothes, shoes or a hairclip! We kindly ask for a donation to dress up, which can be collected at the door or on JustGiving


What we stand for

After being hit by a global pandemic, it’s evident that there is a huge mental health stigma that needs tackling – 450 million people worldwide experience mental health problems, regardless of age, gender, background; it’s crucial that individuals receive relevant help and support when it is needed the most. Comic Relief is working with organisations to ensure that people live free from discrimination and are able to access the appropriate help to ensure that nationally and internationally, everyone has the right to quality mental health support.

Comic Relief donations will also be spent to ensure that children and adults in the UK and worldwide will be helped to have access to secure housing and safe communities. Tens of millions of children worldwide live on the streets due to poverty, natural disasters or personal and family circumstances – we are campaigning so no child should be homeless and so all children feel safe in a secure environment. In the UK, poor nutrition affects around 4 million children whose families are unable to afford healthy and nutritional food. There are millions of children around the world who are not getting their basic needs met – this can have devastating consequences for their lives and for future generations. Comic Relief aims to work with organisations in the UK and around the world to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life, where they can survive and thrive.

Each individual has the right to be free from fear, violence and discrimination – all women and girls face discrimination solely because of their gender – gender based violence is a global epidemic. We believe that all women and girls should have equal power and opportunity to make decisions at all levels, as millions experience discriminational and are unable to access the same level of education in comparison to their male peers. Our donations mean that more women and girls can access the right support and will reduce the violence and intimidation that women face in their own homes and the injustice in the workplace.

How we can help

We will be wearing our brightest colours and boldest patterns throughout the week – we will also be making a carnival crown to wear during our celebrations. We kindly ask for a donation to dress up, which can be collected at the door or on JustGiving.Each class will be having a bake sale during the week – we will be baking delicious Red Nose day treats, which will be available to purchase when children are collected in the evening. The class teacher will let parents know the day of their bake sale and what tasty treats will be on offer, parents will be able to order what they would like in the morning and it will be ready to be collected by the end of the day.

Comic Relief is going to be a fun way for our children to be active and creative for a good cause.